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Functional Orthodontics

Functional Orthodontics in Skokie

Smiling Mouth with braces

Orthodontic care gives you a more attractive smile by straightening your teeth. It also aligns teeth so your bite functions optimally and painlessly. Most people only associate orthodontic care with braces; however, there is a treatment called functional orthodontics that addresses the underlying orthopedic factors that contribute to misalignment and malocclusion.

The dental office of Dr. Patrick C. Hann provides functional orthodontic care to proactively address misalignment and enhance your smile. Located in Skokie, he and his dedicated team approach orthodontic care comprehensively to give you a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. 

Improve the Look and Function of your Smile with Functional Orthodontic Care

Functional orthodontic care is an effective way to prevent many causes of misalignment and malocclusion. It often includes appliances that expand the palate, so a proper arch in the upper jaw can accommodate the emergence of adult teeth. Other devices align the jaw and improve muscle function that make your facial shape and profile more aesthetically appealing. 

Orthopedic Factors Contribute to the Development of Many Health Issues 

Orthopedic factors such as the upper maxilla bone, lower mandible bone, temporomandibular joint and bones in the head and face affect your oral health. When they are not functioning properly, many conditions can develop such as:

Dr. Patrick C. Hann Improves Oral Health with Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics preemptively treats the development of unhealthy orthopedic conditions, so the need for later treatments such as braces or sleep apnea equipment is either minimized or eliminated. 

To receive an evaluation of your oral structure, contact the dental office of Dr. Patrick C. Hann. He can treat orthopedic conditions that affect the appearance and function of your smile. Located in Skokie, Dr. Hann provides comprehensive and expert orthodontic care.