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A full, functional, and visually appealing smile has many benefits which include everything from better digestion to healthy self-confidence. At CityView Family Dentistry, the dental practice of Patrick C. Hann, DDS, our skilled and compassionate team offers dental implant treatment for patients in the Skokie and surrounding communities. Dental implants completely restore the health and beauty of  smiles hindered by missing teeth.

With over four decades as a dental professional, Dr. Patrick Hann works closely with a team of trusted periodontists and oral surgeons to better ensure successful and accurate implant placement.  If you or a loved one are looking to rejuvenate your smile back to its former glory, we encourage you to contact our capable team to schedule your consultation today!


Why Choose Dental Implants for Replacing Missing Teeth?

When teeth are missing from a smile there is no longer a healthy tooth root to properly stimulate the jawbone. This support is vital as the jawbone needs this to stay strong, encourage proper dental function, help preserve natural facial aesthetics, and keep teeth securely in place.

dental implant placement in skokie

Dental implants differ from any other tooth replacement method currently available as they can complete restore the entire structure of once missing teeth, from root to crown. Dental implants consist of bio-compatible titanium posts that, when placed into the jawbone, serve as artificial tooth roots and stimulate the jaw.  Since the initial discovery of today’s dental implants in the early 1950’s, these titanium posts are highly successful due to their ability to fuse with living bone and tissue in a process called osseointegration.

With dental implant treatment, this process stimulates the jawbone, preserving its health and making it a strong foundation for Dr. Hann and our team to affix your custom-crafted dental prosthetic. 

Restoring Natural Beauty and Dental Function with Dental Implant Restorations 

Implant dentistry offers a variety of solutions for replacing missing teeth. Your personalized prosthetic treatment will depend on the number of teeth missing and the number of implants required for your smile.

Same-day, Single Tooth Replacement with CEREC Technology 

For patients who are missing one tooth, Dr. Hann and his team provides convenient single-tooth treatment with same-day crown restorations. After the dental implant is fully integrated into the bone, the crown is secured to the abutment which connects the restoration to the implant posts. Using a CEREC milling machine, our custom-fabricated crowns are created based on accurate digital impressions taken of your dental structure. Each crown is designed to look like natural teeth, using a variety of materials such as reliable porcelain. 

restore your smile with dental implants to replace missing teethReplacing Multiple Missing Teeth 

Dental implant-supported bridges preserve your neighboring natural teeth by securing posts directly to the jawbone rather than using neighboring teeth. Implant-supported bridges are also recommended for people who grind their teeth as the multiple implants can withstand the pressure. 

Restoring an Entire Dentition of Missing Teeth 

Dental implants can act as support for dentures that are retrofitted and  secured to them. As jawbone density recedes, dentures can become loose and ill-fitting. Patients use adhesives but may require new dentures due to their changing smile. Dental implants not only stimulate the jaw bone but offer durable support for dentures to attach to, eliminating your worry of removable dentures becoming loose or dislodged. 

Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants in Skokie

Dr. Patrick C. Hann and his team at CityView Family Dentistry are committed to the optimal oral health and full-functioning smiles of patients. For more information about dental implants and their benefits, contact our office today.