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Elastic Wear Instructions

Instructions to Patients Regarding Wearing Elastics

The elastics we are giving you are one of the most important aspects of treatment. 

When you are wearing elastics, you are actually straightening your own teeth.


They may be removed for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They are to be replaced immediately upon finishing these meals.  Every morning after breakfast, the old elastics should be replaced with new elastics because the saliva causes them to lose their strength after 24 hours.

You should carry some in your purse or pocket in case they break.  Be certain to remember your size in case you lose them.  We will gladly mail you new elastics anytime you run out.  Do not hesitate to call us.

You will find that for approximately 3 days the teeth will be tender due to the pull of the elastics.  After 3 days this will let up so that the teeth are not tender if the elastics are worn.  You will find the teeth somewhat tender when you remove the elastics. 

It is very easy for us to determine whether or not you are wearing your elastics faithfully because the teeth are extremely loose as the pull of the elastics softens the bone and thus allows the teeth to move. Intermittent elastic wearing does very little good because the bone is soft while you are wearing the elastics; thus, it is very similar to a teeter-totter.  The teeth go back and forth, back and forth, but they never get anywhere.

I must stress that this is your responsibility to see that the elastics are worn in the manner we have prescribed.

From time to time, we'll change the size of your elastics and instructions for where they are to go in your mouth.

24 hours a day minus a maximum of one hour for eating meals.